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Girl in Classroom
Girl in Classroom

Corporate Support 

Partnering with #PRETTYGIRLWITHPURPOSE can close the gap between community and business. More than ever consumers are paying attention to a company's mission and values. When consumers think a brand has a strong purpose they are 4.5 times more likely to champion the company and recommend it to family and friends. 

What does partnership with #PRETTYGIRlWITHPURPOSE look like?

Program Sponsorship 

Sponsor a school to reach students who are in need of enrichment after school programming. 


Donate materials for students and program needs (e.g. laptops, school supplies)

Event Sponsorship 

#PGWP annual signature event is a wonderful opportunity to make a financial gift to support programs and align your company's organization with educational changes.


Career Panel, Field Trip or Internship Site

#PGWP mission is to help students rise above their circumstances and live a life in alignment with their souls purpose and this includes finding the right career path. Participate in a career panel or a learning activity at a school site. Host a field trip at your business or provide a 10-week unpaid internship opportunity at your company. We'll discuss opportunities with you and find one that fits. 

Become a Supporter

Girl in Classroom

Please email us at to learn more about how your company can become a sponsor today. 

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