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School Teacher

Guiding Principals

#PRETTYGIRLWITHPURPOSE guiding principals are the principals that lead and guide our decision making process. We embrace continuous learning and resiliency in our practice, recognizing that youth and families have the inborn capacity to solve problems and overcome adversity. We believe in the potential and possibilities of our youth and families as well as our staff, volunteers, and communities.

Guiding Principals 

We center the voices and the needs of youth and families in our work. We are accountable to them, our local and statewide stakeholders, our funders, and ourselves.


Faith is a tenet of the PGWP model and a core value embedded in the communities we serve. We are guided by ethical and moral principles and we seek to cultivate a strong, interfaith support system. Because of this goal, we accept and welcome people of all beliefs.

Diversity, Access, and Equity

The program creates an environment in which students experience values that embrace diversity and equity regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, income level, national origin, physical ability, sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression. 

Family Centered

We holistically serve youth within the context of family, valuing their strengths. Our families drive our practice. We push for policy reforms and community support systems that are informed by their voices.

Evidence Based

We are guided by data and what we know works for our youth and our families. We use this evidence to inform our community about how to better support children who are impacted by trauma.

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