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     #PRETTYGIRLWITHPURPOSE is an after school youth coaching and expanded learning program

for high school girls. Our programing focuses on supporting the academic success of the

students, college and career readiness, parent and community education and engagement.

We do this through a youth coaching concept using a higher vibrational learning curriculum.

The term "coaching" can be described as a partnership between two individuals in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. It's designed to forward and enhance effectiveness and fulfillment in one's life. Executive coaching is very popular amongst leaders today. #PRETTYGIRLWITHPURPOSE 

program helps schools develop and nurture leaders by giving students the tools necessary to transition from their "now" self to their "ideal" self through 

youth coaching and programing. 

We believe all girls can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To partner with schools to help students rise above their circumstances and live a life in alignment with their soul's purpose. 

Our Vision

Our vision is for each girl to be confident in who they are and to become self sufficient living out their purpose equipped with the capacity and tools to continuously evolve emotionally, physically, and spiritually, building strong family units, developing strong support system, and contributing to community life. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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