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After School Youth Coaching and Expanded Learning Program.

Our Goal, Vision, & Commitment

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About Our Program

 Curriculum Framework

Our coaching program uses a Higher Vibrational Learning Curriculum. Higher vibrational learning is an educational researched curriculum based off quantum physics. It shows us that we are all energy. Nothing is solid. Everything is vibrating on high or low frequencies. People who are vibrating on higher frequencies are more successful in living a full filled life in alignment with their souls purpose. 

Who is it For?

#PRETTYGIRLWITHPURPOSE is for high school girls in 9th-12th grade. The program was created as an intervention program for troubled youth at risk of academic failure. Studies have shown focusing on yourself, your goals, and things you want to accomplish can help heal trauma, restore mental health, and behavioral and emotional problems among adolescents.

Program Outcomes

90% of  students completed the program with

+Increased Consciousness

+Increased Confidence

+Increased Sense of Self

+Clarity on Next Steps

+Grade Improvement

+Decreased Behavioral and Emotional Issues

"Once you know who you are, you know what you're capable of doing, and that is what gives you purpose."

Upcoming Events

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School Districts, Community Centers, and Parents

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